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Mysidia RPG is where the owner Ordland(Hall of Famer) hosts or links with his coding projects and APIs. You can find his work by the left sidebar, which contains the following Items as of now:

Mysidia Framework:
Mysidia Framework is the foundation of Mysidia's web application projects, such as Mysidia Adoptables. It is a MVC framework with ORM capability written in PHP, and is by nature strongly typed and object oriented. The framework is primarily used for large and complicated applications that will undergo domain driven design, and it offers the typical 4-layered architecture: Presentation, Application, Domain(Business) and Infrastructure(Data Access). It is suited for developing softwares that have complex variations of configurations, depending on the need of each individual clients. Mysidia Adoptables' Admin Control Panel relies heavily on it, the framework is optimized to write softwares aiming for demanding and diverging clients. Very good candidates are CMS, forum and browser-game software development. At the time of this writing, the framework is still a WIP, check back later to see a completed version of Mysidia Framework.

Mysidia Adoptables:
Mysidia Adoptables is the one and only free adoptables script to use on your site. The script allows you to create an adoptables/pets site of your choice, either for personal use or business purposes. Installation for Mysidia Adoptables is simple, and you may also use modifications/extensions from our support forum to make an even more customized site. Sites made with Mysidia Adoptables are easy to manage and maintain, the dev staff team has been actively working on new features of this script so it will only get even better with time. Mysidia Adoptables also offer fast and satisfactory supports from its forum, you are welcome to ask questions or offer suggestions there. At the time of this writing, Mysidia Adoptables is undergoing a major overhaul in version 1.4 in which it will be using the Mysidia Framework as base, thus becoming more organized, extensible and object oriented. The older versions are still available to download, and you can try getting comfortable at building clickable virtual-pet site with Mysidia Adoptables v1.3 and planning for a future migration to the newer version once it is released.

PHP GUI API is an open source library that can render HTML pages composed programmatically, the way it is designed gives programmer a feel of Java Swing or Applet application development. It provides of a set of classes that wrap around several types of HTML page elements that can be composed and configured programmatically to generate whole pages. The classes can render the page by generating HTML for each element and the contained elements. Currently it provides classes for wraping paragraphs, forms, tables, images, links, etc.. The GUI API is used at the core of Mysidia Framework and its client projects such as Mysidia Adoptables, it challenges the traditional web development principles that views are always plain HTML or enriched HTML decorated with templating engines. Instead, you write view with classes, and this style is perfectly suitable for designers who are programmers themselves. The API is currently hosted on phpclasses.org, and we plan to move it to Github after a major refactoring that drops PHP 5.2 support.

PHP Collections Framework:
PHP Collections Framework(PCF) is an open source library that can be used to manipulate collections of objects like Java and C#. It consists of a groups of classes that implement data structures to manipulate collections of values like HashSet, ArrayList, LinkedList, Stack, Queue, HashMap and TreeMap. The package also provides wrapper classes to encapsulate basic data types so they can be treated as objects in the collections. The Exception and Utility package provides additional classes that can be used together with PCF. The Collections Framework is also used at the core of Mysidia Framework and its client projects such as Mysidia Adoptables, it provides an extra layer of abstraction over PHP arrays. PCF enforces strong typing, and at this time being it does not support PHP's scalar types unless boxed in wrapper classes. This is why the PCF package comes with wrapper classes(native classes). The primary usage of PCF is domain models/business objects collection manipulation, in which PHP arrays are usually insufficient to handle the complexity of domain collections. The API is currently hosted on both phpclasses.org and github, and it supports minimum version of PHP 5.3.

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